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Welcome to year 6

Home Learning Spring 2021

Self-led work ideas:


For some further maths challenges, use this link to the NRich website – the selection has been filtered to make them challenging but accessible. Grown-ups…there are solution sheets for each investigation, or a range of submitted ideas if there is more than one potential answer.



Please find Spring 1 spelling pamphlets below; children are either in Spelling group 1 or 2 and the front covers are labelled as such.

You will notice we are onto our second round with the Key Stage 2 keywords – try a pre-test, focus on any unknown words then retest until scoring full marks! If you score full marks first time round, can you learn the meanings and write a variety of sentences using the words in context? Maybe have a go at some words from the other pamphlet if you are scoring full marks on your usual list!

Other Curriculum Areas

RE – please download and print this knowledge organiser if possible. The key knowledge in this document will be informally tested at the end of the unit.

PE – January lockdown ‘Stay Active’ calendar for you to have a go at, maybe use these are a warm up for PE lessons and then when you need a movement break during your learning time.

Weekly resources

Resources and sheets for each day will be found below – subject and date will always be included in the filename to save any confusion.

Weekly Timetable


19.1.2021_ Science – see timetable


Complete the French worksheet using your existing knowledge and the resources from last week to support you. Months PowerPoint provided for reference!


Today is the deadline for the MyMaths tasks!


Don’t forget about Times Tables Rockstars!


For the time being we will be having Collective Worship in our classes, with assemblies recorded by staff during the week.

Library books are ordered online and delivered to the classroom.





Handwriting and spellings are also taught.


We cover the following topics in Y6:

The wider curriculum


PE kit – all named please



Children will have all PE sessions outside – weather allowing. For the time being, children should come to school in their PE kit on their allocated days. Normal school shoes should be worn and trainers stored on pegs in a small bag.


Trips and visits

Increased responsibility

Work to do at home

How can you support at home?

Curriculum and other information