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Welcome to year 5

Year 5 Learning – General information & current weekly ‘notes & links’

Home learning links, materials and information have been inserted below.

Year 5 – 2021 Lockdown Weekly Home Learning Timetable Sheets with website links

Curriculum Outline & Timetable

Spring Term Homework

Lockdown English Resources

Week 7 Writing Project – 4 lessons
Week 8 Writing project – the next 4 lessons

Lockdown Book Talk

Lockdown Maths Resources


Week 8- Week Beginning 1st March



Week 7- Week Beginning 22nd February



Lockdown Grammar Resources

Week 9- WB- 8th March- Commas to clarify meaning

Week 8- WB- 1st March- Commas to clarify meaning

Week 7- WB- 22nd February- Modal Verbs

Monday – 22.02.2021 – Grammar -Lesson Input and Activity

Lockdown North America Topic

Week 8: L7 Why are rivers important?
Week 7: L6 Features of a river

Lockdown Science Resources

Week 8: Our own Moon
Week 7: L4 Why do we have seasons?

Lockdown RE Resources

Week 8: New Topic: Easter: Was the sacrifice if Jesus worthwhile?

Week 7: L6 How does community affect our lives?

Lockdown Art & DT Resources

Week 6 8th February Finish and Assess design


Week 9- WB 8th March – Understanding the needs of a healthy varied diet

Week 8- WB 1st MarchWhere does our food come from?

Week 7 WB 22nd February – Cooking and nutrition: celebrating culture and seasonality

Lockdown French Resources

Spring 2 Lockdown ICT Planning

Expectations (including uniform)





PE (indoor and outdoor)


How parents can help

Wider curriculum / trips and visits

With COVID in mind, Y5 Trips and visits are reviewed from time to time but we would wish to include: