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T1P 2020 – The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai

This year we have chosen The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai to be our focus artwork of 2020. Our Take One Picture week is usually after October half term but this year we have pushed it later to be part of our end of term focus starting on Monday 7th December.
Please see below how the pupils have responded to this artwork and to see what they have been doing this week looking at many areas of the curriculum.

Year 4 have fused ancient Japanese woodblock printing with Aboriginal dot painting. We have also created Haikus and Tankas about the great Wave.

Reception class looked closely at the painting and made lots of observations. They discussed with the person sitting next to them and talked about what they could see.

“I can see a mountain”

“I can see a sinking boat”

“The top of the wave looks like claws”

The children then used paint in different ways and on different paper. They printed, finger painted, water colours, bubble painting and wax pastel crayons. They designed their own boats and made them using different junk modelling materials. All the paintings have been arranged together and give a fantastic impression of the sea.


Year 2 began by looking at small sections of the painting and came up with lots of fantastic ideas:

‘I think it’s a dam that has broken and is flooding’ – Oliver

‘It’s a hill with white snow’ – Rose

‘It reminds me of a beautiful beach’ – Aron

‘I see Japanese symbols’ – Jonny

‘They might be having a boat race’ – Scarlett

‘There might be a sea monster’ – Eli

Year 2 then created their own versions of the Great Wave using tissue paper for a 3D effect. We made clay boats and painted them. Using their brilliant imagination and a story map, Year 2 wrote superb stories about the Great Wave!

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