Lowndes Way, Winslow, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, MK18 3EN

Spend a Penny Challenge – A Huge Thank you!

Our ‘spend a penny’ challenge has been a huge success.  Thank you so much to everyone who placed their pennies (and the odd silver and gold coin too!) into our special toilet.

We shall donate every penny raised to our toilet twinning charity, https://www.toilettwinning.org

It costs £60 to twin one toilet and we raised a stonking £63.15.  Every penny shall be donated.  Thank you.

Our Year 6 children are going to spend some time thinking about and researching which country we will choose our donation to go to.

Thank you to the children in Year 2 who counted and bagged the money.  They worked as a team and had lots of conversations about Maths and number.

Thank you also to Winslow TSB who we very patient when weighing the money

And finally, thank you to Aylesbury Homebase who donated a new toilet for us to collect our pennies.

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