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Kingswood Trip 2018 – Year 6

Tuesday 19th June

After a waking up at stupid o’clock and devouring a full english breakfast, the morning’s activities commenced: zip wire, problem solving and outdoor laser. A hearty lunch set us up for 3G swing, nightline and chariots. By this point, the children were regretting getting up 3 hours before breakfast!! Mini Olympics rounded off an exhausting day and we all slept like logs.


Wednesday 20th June

Day three consisted of high equilibrium, fire lighting, obstacle challenge, rock climbing, orienterring and aeroball! Plenty of sun cream was needed as it was a beautifully scorching day. Fears were confronted and many knees turned to jelly, but every single child made us proud with their attitudes and efforts.


Thursday 21st June

We had another good night and today is another lovely sunny day. The children are enjoying their acitvities and making the staff proud. They are looking forward to tonight’s disco!

“The leap of faith was very fun, but really scary! it was worth it though!” Katy

“As soon as we stood on the 3G swing platform it left you with no doubt that your heart is going to stop. As soon as we pulled the rope, it felt like we had stepped into a new world!” Caitlin

“We learned to work as a team and develop our bonding skills throughout the week,” Sienna

“The zip wire was adventurous and it teaches you how to be brave, never give up and push yourself to your limits,” Isabella

“When we began to climb the high equilibrium, our hearts began to skip a beat. But with the reassurance and cheering of your team mates, it was such a breeze,” Ruby

“The staff were really great teachers, because they encouraged us and made us feel safe. They were also really fun!” Mason

“The staff helped us with our team work and made it easy for us to work together and  communicate,” Barnaby

“The food was amazing and there were loads of choices, especially the full English breakfast! The staff were amazing at helping us push ourselves further.” Harry

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