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Improving the school’s green credentials with recycled paper

We are pleased to say that we are changing our photocopier paper to an environmentally friendly brand made from 100% recycled paper.  Not only that,  the paper is manufactured using 82% less water and 72% less energy than conventional paper, and it is manufactured without bleach and optical brightening agents. Overall, it is a lot better for the environment.

As the paper is unbleached, if you receive any letters from the school or look in your child’s workbooks, you will see that it is off white rather than bright white.  The additional benefit of the paper is that it provides more easily understood learning resources for children with dyslexia or sensory impairments.

We are already starting to see the energy saving benefits of the LED lighting and the solar panels that were installed earlier this year.  The school milk is now delivered in paper cartons that can be recycled rather than plastic bottles and staff milk is delivered in glass bottles.  Our new sensory garden is providing a haven for bees, butterflies and other insects.  We will continue to look at ways we can further improve the school’s green credentials.

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