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Online assembly during lockdown!

We are incredibly grateful to Rev Andrew Lightbown for providing a weekly online assembly in which we can all share during this period of Lockdown. Where he mentions additional resources, we will try to create links to these so that you can enjoy some of the follow up ideas he mentions.

Assembly Week 6 – Holy Spirit
Assembly Week 5 – Rogation

Assembly Week 1 – Stillness

Assembly Week 2 – Gratitude

Assembly Week 3 – Patience

Assembly Week 4 – Arrow Prayers

A message from Rev Andrew Lightbown, Rector of St Laurence Church

Working with and in Winslow Church of England School is one of the many delights of parish ministry.

The school works hard to embed a distinctively Christian ethos at the heart of which is the belief that every child, and indeed member of the school community, is to be valued and treasured. The Christian impulse behind this is the belief that all are made in the image of God (Genesis 1, 26).

I work alongside Derry, our director of music, in leading worship on a Friday morning and am also regularly in the school for the very popular ‘any questions;’ an opportunity for the children to ask me anything they would like to about the nature of faith, my beliefs, or Christianity. The agenda is entirely the children’s.

I am also delighted that we are able to provide a pastoral chaplaincy facility into the school. We are always happy to speak to children, parents or teachers about any pressing concerns.

As a parish priest I enjoy helping the children to think issues through and to engage with the big and difficult questions, and I also enjoy seeing the children flourish. This sense of flourishing is captured in the biblical injunction to ‘let your light shine,’ (Matthew 5, 16)

A message from Derry French, Director of Music at St. Laurence Church

As Director of Music at St. Laurence, I look forward to my weekly visits to the school to lead the collective worship. The children respond well and eagerly to my questions and participate joyfully in stories, hymns and songs. They are very fond of interactive stories from the Bible. The junior section of the choir at St. Laurence is formed mainly from pupils at the school.

Each year group visits church once a year to have an assembly where the parents can attend, and the church is always packed. The whole school also visits for a special assembly during the church festival in June, with the choir and organ, and that is a truly humbling experience.

Various year groups also visit the church to learn more about the history of the church and the symbolism of various objects.

When you enter Winslow Church of England School you get a very strong impression fo the Christian ethos from staff and children. It is the highlight of my week to visit such a vibrant school.

Derry French

Director of Music

St. Laurence Church