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We are fortunate to have a very well-stocked library of over 10,000 books.  With the help of donations from the FOWs we are able to regularly renew the stock.

Children from Foundation stage up to Year 2 change their books every week; from Year 3 upwards they can keep them for up to 4 weeks, but should bring them into school on their library day each week.

Younger children borrow one book at a time and are expected to return it before borrowing another.  Children are expected to take responsibility for their library books and to return them on time.  Reminders are sent out if books become very overdue and if they are not returned or are badly damaged, it is school policy to charge for them. You can check our library catalogue, your child’s loans and reserve books via our online library management system.


You can logon using your child’s library bar code number as their user name and password. Children’s bar code numbers are inside their communication books, drafting books or reading journals.

We rely on our excellent parent helpers to keep the library running smoothly; so if you can spare some time and would like to become involved, please contact me.

I welcome suggestions from parents and pupils of new books to buy.

When children have finished the reading schemes, they become ‘library readers’ and are allowed to borrow two books.  At this stage they will start to use ‘Accelerated Reader’ to help them choose a book. When they have read it they will complete a quiz to check that they have understood it.

Children who use Accelerated Reader (mostly Y2 upwards) can now  do their quizzes at home. Please use this link:


Children login using their first initial and first four letters of their surname as their username and their library number as their password.

Here is a link to some tips on using Accelerated Reader at home:


In addition to books from school, many books you have at home may have quizzes available, just type the title of the book into the quiz search box.  Children can also do vocabulary quizzes, and quizzes on the articles available on the Accelerated Reader website. I will look with great interest to see their quiz results.

If you have any questions about the library or Accelerated Reader please don’t hesitate to contact me@


Jill White

School Librarian